Industrial Management AG

Homepage of Industrial Management AG Trade Consulting for Overseas Trading Business between Europe and Latin America

IMA AG is a specialist for turnkey industrial- and infrastructure- projects. It has it’s focus on Latin America and regions with a high demand of industrial goods.
In particular IMA AG is engaged in complex construction projects on industrial and public sectors as well. Clinics, pharmaceutical factories, jails or industrial sites can be mentioned as examples.
Hereto IMA AG and it’s subsidiary companies serves as a bridge in overseas trade business between Latin America and Europe/USA. IMA AG elaborates on planning, orchestrating partners, financial concepts, purchasing and construction: It’s expertise helps to leverage projects in terms of efficiency and duration.
Founded in 2009, IMA AG is located in Swiss/Wollerau. As an umbrella company it hosts three companies on multiple locations of strategical importance:

IMA AG is accepted worldwide as a trustworthy trade- and project partner among many customers. The umbrella company distinguishes itself by a deep insight in the market of industrial goods. It maintains a broad network of suppliers and potential project partners.
For large scale construction projects, demanding a multitude of components from various countries and suppliers IMA AG is a sound business partner of great value.

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