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Homepage of Industrial Management AG Trade Consulting for Overseas Trading Business between Europe and Latin America

Establish trust in a complex trade business

IMA Industrial Management AG and it’s subsidiaries are deep-rooted in Latin America and Europe as well. As a result all collegues share a great experience in overseas trade business over decades. To overcome trade barriers multinational structures have been established within all subsidiaries (English, Spanish, Portugese, Italian, German, French, Hungarian).

For important construction projects support by IMA AG pays off manyfold. Todays complexity of industrial markets demand a sound purchase and technical expertise. Cultural and language barriers during purchase and assembly lead to more risk in large undertakings, a reason why large projects come with higher risks. Costs of large construction projects often exceed plannings by far, especially at a point in time when the project is in an advanced stage.

In general IMA AG offers customers worldwide perfect services to bridge overseas markets. It enables stakeholders to realize large scale projects.

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