Industrial Management AG

Homepage of Industrial Management AG Trade Consulting for Overseas Trading Business between Europe and Latin America

Aims of IMA Industrial Management AG

  1. Maintain subsidiaries
    IMA brings in overseas trading knowledge and technical competence. In this way promoting all subsidiaries in their daily business.
  2. Introduce market competence for Latin America and Europe
    IMA‘s market insight is a result of a long trade record in both markets. Market knowledge is constantly introduced into projects and undertakings directly.
  3. Operate projects successfully
    The aim is to foster sustainable growth throughout customers and subsidiaries. Sustainable growth serves constant turnover and further diversification of risks.


The panoramic view on complex construction projects enables IMA AG to identify synergy effects. Even for larger projects this panoramic view is possible for IMA AG, because it already has developed detailed processes and solutions over decades. These have been introduced in it’s subsidiaries. For single companies or even consortia this view is not possible without deep insight into overseas trade business and logistics. The lack of it leads to exploding costs in a later phase or unsuccessful projects in general.

IMA AG expands it’s project portfolio by acquiring trade and logistic undertakings. Taking barriers into account, such as geopolitical constellations, local trade laws and cultural aspects. IMA AG acquires projects aligned to its business strategy and expertise. This way subsidiaries can prove its strength as external „purchase department“ with a great deal of trust on the customer side. Expertise of cultures and processes throughout various countries, markets, and products enables for successful projects.

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