About us

IMA AG is a specialist for turnkey industrial and infrastructure project, with its focus on Latin America and regions with high demand of industrial goods.

Founded in 2009, the IMA Industrial Management AG is a company with vast experience in all matters related to industrial and infrastructure related projects.

With a heavy focus on the South American territory, the IMA AG builds connections between South America, Europe, and North America to enhance the commercial trade between the continents.

From Projecting the first pages to the result, trough financing, mediation and connections, IMA AG is your sole partner for every part of the process. With a portfolio of more than 30.000 suppliers globally as well as major influences throughout the industry, IMA AG is the owner of strategic partners in every region:

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  • Headquarters
  • Official Representatives

IC Import Consultants GmbH Switzerland – Wollerau, Switzerland

IC Import Consultants GmbH – Munich, Germany

ISM Industrial Supply Management INC. – Miami, USA

SUSO S.A. – Montevideo, Uruguay

The companies belonging to the IMA AG Group are the key part in having a solid, strong, and reliable partner in Europe. With offices and warehouse space in Switzerland, Germany, USA and Uruguay, we make sure to satisfy your needs quickly.

Our Aims

  • Maintaining strategic partners Worldwide
    IMA AG collects and supports the trading knowledge as well as the commercial and technical competence that it`s subsidiaries offer.
  • Connect Europe and Latin America
    The Group is focused on building strong connections and creating opportunities between both continents.
  • Long lasting relations
    We strive to be a partner for you that stays with you along the way.


Why Choose IMA Industrial Management AG?

Our long experience in different businesses and industries gives us the know-how needed to trade between Europe and Latin America.

Trade barriers are overcome with our subsidiaries and their multinational structures and expertise, giving you the advantage of having multiple partners in one.

The risks of trading with different cultures and customers are vast, yet we eliminate these risks by knowing the markets and structures of each country.

We create communication and cultural bridges between both continents, allowing you to channel your requests trough us in your own language, while receiving the same results.

Our Competence

Technical Expertise

Industrial projects tend to demand products from overseas markets, where language barriers emerge, and industry standards are laid out differently.
Subsidiaries of IMA Industrial Management AG stand out due to their excellent expertise in overseas trading business. By this means they are predestined for consulting services of great value. Whenever knowledge is missing, IMA AG helps with contacts to specialists from Europe and the US.

Business Expertise

Besides product concerns, cultural differences, language, and trade barriers play an important role in oversea trade business. Our expertise out of both parts of the world is therefore a crucial factor to meet your business and purchasing needs. Knowledge of import- formalities, contracting and legal terms, and most of all understanding of markets and players from various business regions.

Financial Expertise

IMA AG helps to secure trade projects in terms of budget. A series of measures allows contractors from various continents to meet a reliable processing of trade projects if business partners are fitted with a sound financial base.
Our financial expertise and long experience in the field allow us to offer you greater flexibility and terms.